Active Assist

ActiveAssist is a fee subsidy program, given in a form of credit, designed to help low-income families and individuals in Mississauga participate in Recreation programs. Confidentiality is always maintained.

How do I qualify?

The Active Assist is available if you live in Mississauga and

  1. have a total net individual or combined family income below those in the table below:

  2. The Size of the Family Net Family Income

    1 person


    2 persons


    3 persons


    4 persons


    5 persons


    6 persons


    7 persons +


  3. or you are a newcomer with a refugee status

How much can I receive?

Each eligible family member on your application will receive a credit of $275. It is valid for one year, and you may apply and receive credit once per year. Unused credits expire one year after activation and cannot be carried over to the following year.

How do I reply?

You can apply at any Mississauga community centre. You must apply in person with a completed ActiveAssist application form and proof of Individual net income OR total Family net income and proof of legal responsibility for all dependants listed on your application. Only the documents listed on the ActiveAssist application form will be accepted.

Where can I register for a program?

Once you receive a confirmation of your Active assist credit, check program registration start dates at , visit your local community centre or go to  to search for recreation programs.

More Information

Please visit following link to learn more about Active Assist program: