Do you need help?

From the very beginning and throughout the Society's history, home visitations have been at the core and heart of the work of Vincentians.

The visits are made by a pair of Vincentians to the home of a person seeking assistance from the Society. Although we are a Catholic organization, we visit and serve anyone requesting assistance, regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations. People may call us for a variety of assistance. Some may need a compassionate ear. Some may need some emergency assistance in the form of food vouchers, clothing or bus tickets. Others may need some information that will help them access appropriate services. We assure you that the visit will be kept confidential.

We are helping families who are struggling to make ends meet. We are here to support you as we would support a friend. Those visited in the past include: newcomers to Canada, those with no source of income, those searching for employment, seniors and those on fixed incomes, those living alone with few resources, those suffering physically or mentally, the working poor who have problems making ends meet or those enrolled in governmental financial assistance programs.

For help please call 905-812-0030 Ext. 5

Please leave a message, and one of our volunteers will return your call within 24 hours.